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Finding or submitting a USA business has never been easier

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Welcome to the free US Business Directory which offers you free business submission for your business in all US states. You can add your listing with your company’s contact details, website address, information about your products and services.

BiznisDirectory helps promote US local businesses online. This website is also great if you’re trying to find a local business. Submit a business to our US Directory and reach people looking for your type of business online. Business Listings are easy to add. You can start promoting your company online within minutes. Business submission for businesses that are registered in the US.

10 Great Reasons Why You Should Submit Your Business

Submitting a business to a directory is very beneficial for your online presence. As well as being found on the directory, you also have a great chance of getting more traffic to your website by adding your business to directories.


Improve the online presence of your business with our online advertising. Listings really do drive traffic to websites.


Very easy steps business submission process. It takes less than 3 minutes to list a business. You’ll love how easy it is.


Add business, contact and services details on your listing. As well as the description, you’ll find plenty of extra fields.


You are joining one of the popular US business directories online today. We’ve enjoyed promoting businesses for many years.


Your business can easily be found on our website. Our directory website is also optimized for Google and other search engines.


You have total freedom to manage your listing. Editing your business listing is possible at any time. We don’t set limits.


You can easily manage your user profile and listings. You can edit, upgrade or renew all your listings all in one place.


Upgrade your listing at any time. Choose from any available packages. You can do this straight from your user dashboard.


Make your business listing stand out in the crowd. Listings are highlighted and appear above all non-featured listings.


Whatever the device a user is on, your listing looks awesome. Our Directory website is 100% responsive.

US Listing Submission Has Never Been Easier​
start promoting your business online today

How To List Your Business

Visit our business submission page to list your business. You can choose the package that’s most suitable for your business promotion requirments.

Enter business name, address and contact details. Your listing will achieve the best results if you enter original text in the description field. 

Please review your listing to make sure all details on your listing are correct. There is an option edit the details at any time from manage listing at the bottom of our website.

Once you’ve finished checking that all details are correct, complete your submission. Pressing the ‘Submit’ button will put your listing in line for approval. 

Submissions will be approved if they meet our requirements. Listings usually go live within 24 hours after they are approved by admin.

Add Your Local Business Listing To Our USA Business Directory Today

Get your USA business listing today by choosing a submission package and pressing ‘Next’. List Your USA Business in under 3 minutes. Start promoting your US business today with our online advertising. Submitting and managing your own listing has never been easier.

10 More Great Reasons Why You Should List Your Business With Us

Just in case we haven’t yet managed to convince you to submit your business, here are just a few more great reasons.


No matter where your business is, we cover all states. This US directory receives visitors from all 50 states around the clock, 24/7/365.


Your business can easily be found with our advanced search. A customer can find you by keyword, state, business category or company name.


Your customers can contact you directly via your listing. Messages sent via this form are delivered to your email inbox. We don’t charge you for leads.


Our directory is lightning-fast. Your listing never leaves anyone hanging around until it loads. Our website is speed optimized and  also boosted by CloudFlare


We have more than just this USA edition. You can also add your business to our International edition. You’ll find the “Change Country” link in the footer area.


Every listing lets you upload your business logo. This is a great way to give your listing a professional look wherever it appears on the directory.


Each listing gets its unique URL. This is great if you don’t have a business website and wish to send a customer to see your information.


Image galleries are a great way to showcase your products or services. You can check how many images are allowed on each package.


Each listing on our directory comes with its own contact form. Messages sent via this form get delivered to your email inbox, without revealing your email address


Need to add more text to your business listing? No problem. The higher the package you choose, the more text you’re allowed to enter on your listing.

Free USA Business Directory

Welcome to the free USA Business Directory which offers you USA free business submission for your business in all US states. You can add your listing with business contact details, website address, information about your products, services and benefit from increased traffic to your website. BiznisDirectory is free to search for a business anywhere in the United States. This US directory helps you find a business near you, free of charge.

USA Free Business Submission

To start promoting your business online, you simply have to visit our USA business submission page and to choose the category that your business fits in the most. Please only choose the category that best describes your business. On this edition, you can only submit US based businesses. Please see other country editions here if your business is based in any other country.

Free USA Business Search

Looking for a business in the United States? Run a USA business search by either using our simple search in the header or the advanced search in the sidebar on inside pages. The search in the sidebar lets you refine your search by business name, state, category and of course keyword. Listing details include contact information, address for every business listing. Unlike some directories, using our business search is free.

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Free US Business Submission
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