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Top US Business Directories

Updated List Of 100 Directories For 2022

promoting your business online just got simpler

Top US Business Directories You Should Submit To In 2022

Submitting your business to the top US business directories is a great way to increase your online exposure. We have updated our list to be relevant in 2022. Some directories have been taken out and some new ones added. This updated list is to make it easier for you to submit your business with a list of top 100 directories to submit to in one place. Does submitting your business to online business directories still work in 2022? The quick answer to that is ‘Yes‘ it still works to drive traffic to your business website. Adding your business and being easily found online through directories still drives welcome traffic to your business website. The more traffic you can get to your business website, the better. Why would you want to lose any potential traffic? We have prepared a list of some of the top USA listing directories to submit your business on.
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Where should I list my business?

To maximize the exposure of your business online, adding it to as many directories as you can is a good idea. Our list below includes the top 100 US listing directories should keep you busy for quite a while. You can also consider listing your business on international directories too.

There is no reason why you would limit the submission to only USA listing pages. That being said, you will probably get faster results by focusing your efforts on local directories which are designed for the United States. Once you’ve added to as many US listing websites as you can, you can enlarge the circle and consider less location-specific listing websites.

Where can I promote my business online for free?

You will find that most directories on our list offer paid and free listing submission. Please check the terms of each directory as not all offer the same options for free listings.

Where there might be a difference is in the number of categories, images or fields a free listing will be allowed over a paid one. Paid listings will more than likely also be set to appear above all free ones. You’ll find these rules will mostly be the case with most directories. It’s best if you check the terms of each of the free local directory sites to list your business before submitting your listing.

Do I choose paid or free business directory websites?

You can choose either or both, paid and free business directory websites. The most important thing is if your listing will appear on Google results. Unless the directory is as busy as Yelp or Yellow Pages, users will be searching on Google rather than running a business search directly on a directory. You also need to see what options each of the online local business directories offer. Mainly, you need to check what exposure your business will get on a free listing.

Sometimes you would want to pay the website a fee to benefit from the extra options of paid listings. The choice is yours but it’s all about getting exposure to your business. If a free listing will get you this, you don’t need to pay for it – it will really depend on what each directory is offering.

What is a USA business directory website?

A USA business directory website is a listings directory which is designed just for US businesses. Unlike international directories, you will only find listings for businesses which are based in the United States. These websites are more than likely to give better results over websites which are not designed for a specific location like the USA.

Any potential customer is more likely going to be searching for a business on a local US directory. You might find that some websites offer other countries too. You would want obviously to add your business to the USA section on such websites.

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Top 100 US Directories To Submit Your Business Listing

Great Reasons To Submit Your Business To Directories


Online directories give more online exposure and online visibility to your business. Even you have a business website, just imagine all the extra eyes that will see your business description, a list of your products and services. Business directories are also loved by Google and other search engines. Try seeing the results you get when you search for one of your competitors. You’ll find plenty of results are actually coming from business directories for that business.


Business directories offer you a great platform for getting your customers engaged. Most good business directories allow reviews under each listing. This is the place where you should be active to show your customer or any potential customers that you have great customer service. Answering all comments and reviews under each of your listings is a great way to show that you care. You might even make more sales just by replying to comments.


Like our directory, business listings on most directories will also come with a contact form. The contact form on each listing on different directories will drive more inquiries your way. You can consider a listing’s contact form as just another business email inbox. Do be sure to have those sent to an email box you monitor. You might get some spam too but you wouldn’t want to miss any sales opportunities through the contact forms on directory  listings.


Online listing directories are an extra store window if you like. Having all those extra windows to showcase your products and services is needed extra exposure. Most business directories offer you a space to describe your business, services and products. Use this space wisely to attract more sales. Try to always add good unique content to each directory. Simply copying and pasting the same text on all of the directories is not really good for SEO.


Adding your business to top directories is a great way to drive extra traffic to your website. It might only be possible to add your website if it’s a paid listing but many free directories allow a website address on their free packages too. Having your website link appearing on as many listing directories as possible should drive welcome traffic to your website. Always check if the listing package allows you to enter the URL of your website.

What are the benefits of submitting to USA listing directories?

The main benefit of submitting a business on listing directories is the traffic you’ll get. Appearing on a business directory is great to drive traffic back to your business website and to keep that phone ringing. This applies to free business directories or paid ones, the results are the same.

What all good business listing submission sites have listings appearing on Google search results. So for example, if have an Italian restaurant on Manhattan and somebody searches on Google for ‘italian+restaurant+manhattan‘, results of listings on directories matching those keywords. Imagine your listing appearing from different websites you’ve submitted your business on.

Appearing on as many directory websites as possible is a good way to let you get some share of clicks from search results. So although your business website (if you have one) didn’t appear in the results, your listing on a directory did. If more than 1 of your listings appears in the results from different directories appears, you’re laughing.

Is it best to submit to directories or to pay to get it done?

This will really depend on the cost and quality of the submission service. You would most definitely want to avoid companies which use bots to submit business listings. Including this directory, submissions made by bots are seen by many directories as spambots. These bots rarely read a directory’s guidelines for submitting a business and almost always never fill the correct fields. As well as this, such submissions are normally done by companies which don’t really pay much or any attention to grammar or spelling.

It’s up to you but if you care about your business image, submit listings yourself or ask the company to give you a draft of what they will submit. Ask for a draft in any case, regardless if the company will do it with a bot or manually.

4 More Reasons Why You Should Submit To Online Business Directories


Adding your listing to a directory website might help you get some backlinks. The quality of these will obviously depends on what directory the backlink is coming from. Having your website being linked from as many directories as possible will help your SEO. Although it's not the only factor for how well your website will rank, it's most certainly one of the important signals Google takes into account.


Submitting to directories is another great way to bring brand awareness. Customers seeing your brand on several online business directories is sure to build up brand awareness. Imagine a person is deciding which lawyer or plumber to hire and they see your business everywhere. This is very likely to make the person choose your business.


Think how any potential customer would think. Nowadays, we all check online first before buying a service or product. Having your business appearing on many online directories is a good sign you're a serious business. To bolster this image, be very attentive and give prompt responses to any comments or reviews left on any of your listings on listing websites. This will show you care about your customers.


Appearing on several directories is another trust factor. Think of how if your business was not a serious one, it wouldn't want anyone to know its address or contact details. Having a listing on business directories is a good way to show potential and existing customers that you can be reached and not a company that's here today and gone tomorrow.

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